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Spoon University rates the top 10 cookies from Appalachia Cookie Company.

Every App State student knows that App Cookie Co. is the place to call when it’s 1 AM on a Saturday night and your drunk self is craving something sweet. App Cookie Co. is known for their unique, out-of-the-box cookie recipes, but they’re also home to some delicious classics as well. Anything off their menu is bound to be delicious, but these top 10 cookies will definitely narrow down your order and end your Saturday night right.

10. Mint Double Chocolate Chip.

Out of Thin Mints already? Not to worry, this cookie’s (dare I say it) better than Thin Mints. It’s made with huge chocolate chunks and Andes mint chips, all folded up into a rich, gooey chocolate cookie. The chocolate melts in your mouth and the mint provides a refreshing finish to this classic cookie.

9. Cheesecake

Here’s a cookie that we all know Future could get behind. Rolled in graham cracker crumbs and baked with the perfect combination of cinnamon and cream cheese, this cookie is fluffy and rich. It’s almost as good as a slice of authentic New York cheesecake (almost).

8. The Ron Swanson

As hardy and robust as its namesake, this cookie definitely isn’t for everyone. It’s made with a unique combination of maple syrup, bacon, and Jack Daniels. Mixed with the bittersweet flavor of dark chocolate chips, this cookie has a smoky flavor that’s perfect for anyone striving to live up to the Swanson legacy.

7. Red Wine Dark Chocolate

A combination of two of the best things on the planet, this cookie combines Merlot and dark chocolate to create a bold, rich flavor that will leave you wanting more. As if it couldn’t get any better, 10% of the proceeds from purchasing it go to local charity Wine to Water to provide clean drinking water around the world. This baby’s only around during the winter, so start counting down the days ’til February now.

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