30 Thirty Project

What is it?!

The 30 Thirty Project is a labor of love created by Appalachia Cookie Company. We’ve created an easy avenue for our customers to give back to the local community!

When you subscribe to the 30 Thirty Project, you’re providing a local
family with 30 pounds of food every month. BUT IT GETS EVEN SWEETER! We
also ship a dozen of our gourmet cookies right to your door on the
first Monday of every month. You get to choose your own dozen and you
can change it each month.

$35 provides you with 1 dozen gourmet cookies shipped to your front door & a hungry family with 30 pounds of food.

Giving has never tasted this good!

Hunger in the High Country

Appalachia is defined as a cultural region spanning the Eastern United States from northern Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi to Southern regions of New York. As of the 2010 census this region was home to over 25 million Americans. It is a region from which America’s growth was, and in many places still is, quite literally fueled from coal mining, logging, steel and agriculture. It is a region that is rich in culture, tradition and family values, and in so many places, it is economically distressed. The Appalachian region is home to some of the most impoverished counties in the country.

Our goal is to alleviate hunger in this region starting right here at home, Watauga County, NC through a partnership with the Hunger & Health Coalition of Boone. Hunger in Watauga County is a heartbreaking reality. Did you know:

- 25% of children live in food insecure homes.
- 7450 people are food insecure.
- 4000 individuals participate in SNAP.
- 41.3% of public school aged children participate in free or reduced lunches

With these staggering numbers it’s not hard to see just how blessed Watauga County is to receive the assistance of the Hunger and Health Coalition of Boone.

child eating an apple
Hunger and Health Coalition Logo
former executive director of Hunger & Health Coalition jean williamson with current executive director, elizabeth young.
Mission: to relieve poverty and hunger in a compassionate manner for families and individuals who are experiencing economic hardship and food shortages.

It’s not hard to see why we have partnered with the Hunger and Health Coalition, as they are a beautiful organization with a beautiful mission! They have three programs specifically geared towards feeding nutritious snacks and meals to hungry children in Watauga County, which is of great necessity, seeing as 1 in 3 people who receive food are children in need.

While it may not seem that we have control of the situations that life has put on our path, children have even less control, and with your subscription to the 30 Thirty Project, you are directly benefiting our Watauga families in need.

Farmer harvesting vegetables

Hunger & Health Coalition Programs

The Hunger and Health Coalition utilizes a myriad of programs to help service those in need of food assistance in the High Country.

Stocking food pantry shelves

Food Pantry Program

The Food Pantry Program provides boxes of nutritionally balanced food on an emergency basis and provides food on a more regular basis for the chronically ill and those with very low fixed incomes.

The Food Pantry is stocked from purchases from the Second Harvest Food Bank of NorthWest NC and donations from community members.​

Box items vary depending on the types of foods that been donated, but a typical box might contain a mix of canned fruits, canned vegetables, tomato products, soups, canned proteins (such as tuna or chicken), frozen meat, dairy, carbohydrates (such as pasta or rice) and breakfast items.

Stocking fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh Market Program

The Fresh Market Program works in concert with the Food Pantry program to provide our clients with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and baked goods.

The Fresh Market is stocked with donations from local bakeries, grocery stores, and donations from community members.​

Families can choose a selection of items in a "shopping-like environment" letting clients choose food they will enjoy.

Depending on availability, clients can take home a bag of breads, a bag of fresh fruits/vegetables, 2 to 4 items from the refrigerated section and a pastry or dessert selection for the family.

Baby eating an apple

Backpack Program

Through this program, children at risk of hunger are provided with food for the weekends and out-of-school times, t bridge the gap between Friday school lunch until Monday school breakfast.

Food packs are discretely given out on Friday after school to ensure that children and their families have enough nutritious food to eat over the weekend or on holidays.