We offer local delivery of hot fresh-baked cookies and milk near our bakery in Boone, NC. If you aren't in our local delivery area we are able to ship fresh-baked cookies all over the United States. To learn more about local delivery visit our Our Story page or see more answers below in our the Local Delivery section of our FAQ page.

For our shipping orders, we allow a 1-2 day period for processing after your order is placed to ensure all orders are quality checked, and properly prepared for transportation. This processing period may be extended during holidays due to bulk orders and an otherwise increased amount of traffic to our shipping website. 

For our shipping orders, we allow a 1-2 day period for processing to ensure all orders are quality checked, and properly prepared for transportation. This processing period may be extended during holidays due to bulk orders and an otherwise increased amount of traffic to our shipping website. After your order is processed, the package will typically arrive in 1-5 business days depending on the shipping method you selected at checkout. In total, the longest it should take your package to arrive from the time you place your order is 7 business days but on average it is closer to 3-4 business days. Our entire shipping policy can be found here: Shipping Policy.

Unfortunately, our bakers can’t process a shipping order for you over the phone. We encourage our customers to go though our online ordering system to place shipping orders as to avoid any complications in the ordering process. We have tried to provide answers to commonly asked questions here in this form. If you still have questions relating to shipping please do not hesitate to contact us directly through our Contact page.

Nope! We will never send recipients a bill. Billing Addresses are used to prevent fraud and to help verify credit card billing information. If we have any cause for concern with a billing address we will reach out directly to confirm billing information in an effort avoid any fraudulent orders.

We ship nationwide. If you’re anywhere in the United States we can get you your cookies posthaste!

Yes! In the Cart page you are able to leave a note for your order and it will appear on the packing slip we place in the box with the cookies. There is a limit of 140 characters.

All shipping orders are processed, baked and shipped from our bakery in Boone, NC location at 208 Faculty Street, Suite D.

After baking your cookies to order, they will be individually packaged, ensuring freshness after arrival for up to two weeks depending on weather, storage and flavor. For optimum taste, we recommend eating them as soon as possible.

Yes! Lots of our customers do. Our cookies can be stored in a freezer while wrapped for increased shelf life up to 6 months. 

After being baked, each cookie is individually packaged in plastic and labeled, ensuring freshness. The cookies are then placed in a paperboard box and packaged with shock absorbing crinkle paper. That box is then placed in a larger shipping box filled with shock absorbing packing paper and sealed shut to ensure minimal damage during transit.

Yes! We do offer various shipping methods which are available at checkout. Please note that these shipping times do not include processing and handling time of 1-2 business days. More on our shipping policy can be found here: Shipping Policy

If you have any questions regarding a large corporate order or any other large order, feel free to contact us for more details using our Contact page.

Unfortunately all of our products are made to order and adjustments are unlikely to be possible. Please contact us quickly and we will do everything in our power to make adjustments, but please bear in mind it may not be possible.

First of all allow us to apologize for your negative experience. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. It is our goal to deliver quality products and customer service. If there was an issue with your order please contact us immediately and give us the chance to make it right. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns due to the perishable nature of the product.

Please reach out to our customer service department through the contact form with any issues and we will work together to find a solution. Our full refund policy can be found here: Refund Policy.

Local Delivery/Pickup

Our delivery range differs based on location, however, a good rule of thumb is 3 miles or 10 minutes. This means our delivery range doesn’t accommodate locations more than 3 miles or 10 minutes away from the store you are ordering from. This may also vary depending on inclement weather. Some third party delivery partners such as DoorDash may offer delivery further than we do.

The delivery fee is not a tip for the driver. It helps us cover the cost of employing drivers to bring you hot, fresh-baked, delicious cookies! It allows us to keep multiple drivers on a single shift to accommodate many deliveries at a time, and keep our delivery times short. Please tip your drivers for great service!

Absolutely. We consider these catering orders and they are handled on a case by case basis. All catering delivery orders are charged a $25 delivery fee, a mandatory 20% gratuity and have a minimum order amount of $75. If you have a large order and want to see if it would be possible to have it delivered to your business or event, please feel free to contact us using the contact form on our website. Or call the store for which you would like to place your order and ask to speak to a manager.

Absolutely. If you are ordering online all you need to do is put the delivery in the student’s name and fill out the delivery address and phone number boxes with their information so we can get ahold of them in the event that they aren’t home or don’t answer the door. If you decide to call your order in, an employee will guide you through this process. PLEASE, reach out to your student in advance so they know we are coming.

Yes! However, due to security protocols at universities, we can’t deliver directly to dorm rooms, but we can have the student meet us at the front door of the dorm to take the delivery from the driver. Please, let your student know to expect a call.

Local Ordering

Yes! We have a menu with all of our permanent year round options with pricing for various packages. It can be found on our Menu page. If you are curious about our temporary or seasonal offerings check our various social media sites or call the store!

Yes our bakery is located in Boone at 208 Faculty Street, Suite D.

Yes we do offer gift cards! All of our gift cards for local pickup/delivery are now electronic and can be placed through our online ordering system. Local gift cards are not able to be used for shipping purchases and vice versa. Place an electronic gift card order here: Local Pickup/Delivery Gift Cards.

We offer discounted prices for bulk orders, corporate orders, and wholesale orders. You can find all of our bulk pricing (up to 300 cookies) for local orders on our Menu page. If you would like to speak to someone about discounted prices for wholesale or becoming a retailer, please fill out the form on our Wholesale page. If you have a question about bulk shipping or corporate orders or you would like to place an order larger than 300 cookies please use the contact form found on our Contact page.

The short answer is "either". For large orders we do require more notice. Also, we are more than happy to work directly with customers to ensure large orders are to the customers specifications and delivered or picked up on time. If you need assistance in coordinating an order, feel free to contact us through the contact form on our Contact page or call the store for which you would like to place your order.

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! We know this is one of the most important days of your life and we are honored you're considering having us at your wedding. We provide cookies for wedding all the time so we know what we're doing! Don't worry, we do not have separate wedding pricing. All of our prices can be found on our menu page.

We offer individual packaging for 50 cents per cookie. This is a great option for gifts or just to make sure everything keeps as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

If you aren't able to pick your cookies up we do offer catering delivery depending on the venue. Catering delivery is an additional $25 with a mandatory 20% gratuity for the delivery driver and a minimum order of $75.

To provide an accurate quote for cookies we'll need to know which flavors you want, whether you want your cookies invidiually packaged and whether you'll be picking up or are interested in seeing if we can deliver to your venue. Once you have that information feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help!


We use a variety of different ingredients in our various cookies, but our most common ingredients include fresh Grade-A eggs, fresh sweet cream butter, 100% pure cane sugar, malted flour, vanilla, kosher salt and premium semi-sweet chocolate chips.

We prefer to keep artificial preservatives out of our cookies, delivering high quality products fresh from the oven and straight to our customers.

We offer several gluten free options on our menu. Our Yosef/Appalachian Gold, Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Chip, and our Brownies are all gluten free and delicious.

Yes we do. We currently offer two vegan options on our permanent menu; our Yosef cookie and our Vegan and Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookie. We also have a mouth watering seasonal Pumpkin Spice cookie that has the great pleasure of being vegan to boot.

We do! Our keto friendly cookie is sugar free and here to help you finish that diet once and for all!

We have a large and growing seasonal menu with over 20+ flavors to offer variety to our customers. If you’re looking for a cookie that you just can’t seem to find, it’s likely that it is currently off the menu. Don’t worry though, it will be back soon enough to satisfy!

All of our products are manufactured in a common kitchen with the possibility of cross contamination. We can, if requested, make reasonable precautions to avoid exposure to specific allergens but under no circumstances can we make any guarantees to the absence of allergens.

Yes! As a matter of fact they freeze very well for up to 6 months (if you can resist that long). We recommend individually wrapping them in plastic wrap or keeping them in the cellophane packaging we use for shipping.

Pro Tip: Let them thaw for a few hours and/or microwave them for about 10 seconds! 

Unfortunately, no. While all of our dough is made fresh and baked to order, our dough is made in large batches which make it impossible to remove ingredients from a cookie. Don't worry, we've taste tested them all thoroughly, they're ALL delicious!

We sell cheesecake cookies but we do not sell actual cheesecakes.

Our cheesecake cookies are inspired by the real thing and made with cream cheese so in some ways they're almost like mini cheesecakes!

Nope! While we do sell cold milk and drinks for local pickup/delivery, as baked goods are concerned we only sell the best cookies you've ever had!

Our dozen cookie packages come with twelve perfectly baked cookies!


We are always accepting applications! To fill out an application go to our Careers page, read the various job descriptions and fill out an online application.

Visit our Careers page to see the different jobs for which you can submit an application. You can always call the store for which you applied to see if we are still interviewing for that position.

Visit our Careers page to see the different jobs for which you can submit an application. Each position leads to a page with a full job description.