Grand Openings

Appalachia Cookie Company Grand Opening Rules and Information

Welcome to Appalachia Cookie Company’s Grand Opening Event (the “Event”). We are excited to bring an Appalachia Cookie Company shop to your community to serve fresh baked and delicious cookies. At Appalachia Cookie Company, we love to bring fun everywhere we go!

Festivities will begin at 6 PM on the evening before the new store (the “Store”) opens. Everyone is invited to participate in fun activities with Appalachia Cookie Company employees and members of your community. The first 50 guests who are registered, in line outside the Store, and comply with our Rules, will receive a punch card for free cookies for one year. (One Dozen assorted cookies each month for one year.)

REGISTRATION: The first 50 registered guests (“Participants”) will receive a wristband displaying a number that corresponds with their registration order (e.g. the first person in line and registered is number one and so forth). Guests MUST register before getting in line and must remain on site in order to be eligible to receive a prize. Please note, once a participant is registered, this means that they have reviewed the Grand Opening Rules with an Appalachia Cookie Company representative and signed a waiver form. Each participant must stay on the property until the store opens in order to claim their Grand Opening prize.

Registration will start at 3 PM the day before the Store opens and will continue until 50 Participants are registered, or 10 PM on the day before the Store opens, whichever comes first. If 50 Participants are not registered at 10 PM on the day before the Store opens, we will post a notice at the back of the line to notify guests that arrive after 10 PM. Unregistered guests in line past this point do not have a secured spot in line and must register with a Appalachia Cookie Company employee when registration re-opens.

To register, Participants must sign the registration list maintained by an Appalachia Cookie Company employee and sign a WAIVER AND RELEASE form. Participants agree to follow all of the rules contained in the Grand Opening Rules and Information, a copy of which will be given to them when they register. Once registered, Participants may leave the line to participate in activities, but must return to their respective places if and when a line check occurs. GUESTS MAY LINE UP BEGINNING AT 3 PM THE DAY BEFORE THE STORE OPENS. GUESTS WHO CHOOSE TO ARRIVE EARLIER THAN 3 PM THE DAY BEFORE THE STORE OPENS DOES SO AT THEIR OWN RISK.

ALTERNATES: If more than 50 guests are present, eligible and prepared to participate in the Event, those guests over 50 (i.e., guests No. 51, 52, 53, etc.,) will be allowed to register and have their names added to a waiting list. Guests on the waiting list are considered “Alternates” and will only win a prize if one or more Participants forfeit their spot in line thereby making the Alternate one of the first 50 guests through the door when the Store opens. Alternates MUST register and sign a WAIVER AND RELEASE form in order to have their name added to the waiting list.

THE LINE: Participants must wear their wristband and remain on site until the Store opens. Participants who are not present when the line is checked or who are found not wearing their wristband, will forfeit their place in line and are no longer eligible to receive a prize.


LINE CHECKS: An Appalachia Cookie Company representative may perform random line checks at their discretion check to confirm that registered Participants are still on the premises and to confirm adherence to the Rules. Line checks will be announced and Participants will have 10 minutes to reclaim their place in line before the line is checked. During a line check, Appalachia Cookie Company representatives will go down the line to ensure that each Participant is in their assigned spot in the line by comparing the registration list. Participants not present when the line is checked, who are not wearing their wristband, or who are disqualified for any reason, will forfeit their place in line and are no longer eligible to receive a prize.

PRIZES: The first 50 registered Participants through the door (including those Alternates who have moved up the line to be one of the first 50) who comply with these Rules will win one of the following prizes:

  • The FIRST in line (i.e., “Number 1”) will receive one free dozen cookies every week for a year and a commemorative Grand Opening t-shirt.
  • Numbers 2 through 50 will receive one free dozen cookies every month for a year.

The number of prizes awarded will depend on the number of registered Participants in line when the Store opens. Prizes are subject to change. Appalachia Cookie Company reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, not to award any prize to any Participant, or to cancel the Event for any reason.

ELIGIBILITY: Guests who are 18 years of age or older, or the age of majority in their states of residence if the age of majority is greater than 18, with valid government-issued photo ID are eligible to participate. Guests under 18 years old, but over the age of 15, may camp out without a parent or guardian present, provided that their parent signs a consent form allowing them to do so. If a parent does not sign the consent form in-person at the time of registration, the parent may sign a consent form before the event begins. The pre-signed consent must include the parent’s phone number so that an Appalachia Cookie Company employee can call the parent to confirm their consent. GUESTS UNDER 16 YEARS OLD CANNOT CAMP OUT WITHOUT A PARENT OR GUARDIAN PRESENT. CHILDREN UNDER 10 YEARS OLD ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO WIN A PRIZE.

All Participants and Alternates (and a parent/guardian in the case of those Participants and Alternates under the age of 18) must sign a RELEASE AND WAIVER form, comply with Appalachia Cookie Company’s and its employees’ instructions while at the Store, and must not create a decorum or safety issue. Pets and animals (except service animals) are not permitted at the Store during the Event. No illegal drugs or alcohol are permitted at the Store at any time. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will be disqualified from the Event and be required to leave the premises immediately.

Appalachia Cookie Company has no obligation to provide shelter, clothing, food, drink or any other item to any Participant or guest. The foregoing items are the sole responsibility of the Participants and guests. Participants and guests should dress appropriately for changing weather conditions.

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